Though I was born in California, I moved to Texas for college and have lived here ever since.

My Texas story begins in 1995 when I enrolled at Baylor University in Waco.  In 1997, I met Adrienne Little, my future wife.  I graduated in 1999, married Adrienne in May, 2001 and began law school at Baylor three months later. 

We welcomed our first daughter, Savannah, into the world in March 2004.  Three months later, I finished law school and began the search for my first legal job.  I firmly believe that God placed us here, in Sulphur Springs, where a job opened up in the District Attorney's Office.  I thought that a small office in a small town would give me a unique opportunity to get a lot of experience most new lawyers only dream of.  Boy was I right!  My second day of work I was picking a jury in a felony criminal trial, something most prosecutors have to wait a year or more to do. 

It has been over 13 years since that day.  Our family has grown, we now have 3 daughters, and we have loved our time here in Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County.  I look forward to serving you as the next Judge of the Hopkins County Court of Law.  For more information about my experience for the job, click here

My wife, Adrienne, and our three daughters: 
the most important people in the world to me.